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  • Perseverance and Progress: The Women’s Aid Federation of England Archive 
    Archives Hub feature for October 2023 The Women’s Aid Federation of England Archive is housed in the University of Leeds Special Collections and is currently being arranged, catalogued and preserved as part of a Wellcome Trust funded project. This is an incredibly significant collection, documenting the charity’s approaches to tackling domestic abuse from its radical...
  • Come Fly With Me: The Archives of Sir Freddie Laker
    Archives Hub feature for August 2023 Introduction The summer months of June, July and August were prime flying season for Laker Airways – though significant discounts were offered to operators in the off-season, too. The man behind this pioneering budget airline was Sir Freddie Laker who recognised the inaccessibility of air travel for the general...
  • Vergangenheitsbewältigung and the case of Emmrich Menzer
    Archives Hub feature for July 2023 Duden’s Lexicon adopts the classic British proclivity for the understatement in its definition of Vergangenheitsbewältigung: “public debate within a country on a problematic period of its recent history…”. The fact is, however, that the term is commonly understood to mean Germany’s coming to terms (or not) with the Holocaust...

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  • Happy birthday, Cicely: welcome to your archive!
    To mark what would have been Cicely Saunders’ 98th birthday, I’m pleased to announce that the archives of this inspirational …Continue reading →
  • Palliative Care Records Workshop
    On 15th December 2015, King’s College London Archives hosted a workshop on palliative care records to mark the completion of …Continue reading →
  • Christmas at St Christopher’s
    Christmas at St Christopher’s Hospice was a special and poignant time of year for patients, their families and staff at …Continue reading →

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  • World AIDS Day 2023
    Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog Today is World AIDS, an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic... Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog - News & features from LAORS
  • World Aids Day 1 Dec 2023
    Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog World AIDS Day is a global movement to unite people in the fight against HIV... Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog - News & features from LAORS
  • Finish your toast!
    Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog “Finish your toast, Andre, then we’ll get the 51 to grandma’s” I was 6 years... Library, Archive & Open Research Services blog - News & features from LAORS

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  • Dear James It's very good to hear from you! N...
    Dear JamesIt's very good to hear from you! Norman Dott did work in the Sick Kids sometimes - funnily enough, so did his brother, Eric: We don't have much from the Sick Kids during your time there, but we may have register entries for you. If you'd like us to look into this, please […]
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  • Dr dott ) saved my life in 1947 ,I was just a youn...
    Dr dott ) saved my life in 1947 ,I was just a young child but my parents told me full story from sick kids edinburgh. I am now in my 70's.

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  • Radiography: An Inside Look
    Our Collections Officer, Danielle Dray, explores the history of the x ray and talks about our radiography collection. From their discovery in 1895, x rays revolutionised medical practice. The potential to observe broken bones, find foreign objects, and even detect tumours hidden deep within the body was immediately recognised by doctors and surgeons. X rays... […]
  • Silicosis – a new manifestation of an ancient disease
    In this blog our Senior Research Fellow, Professor Ken Donaldson, explains how silicosis is not a disease of the past. The specimen shown in Figure 1 is from the pathology collection of Surgeons’ Hall Museums. It shows an occupational lung disease called silicosis that is caused by inhaling stone dust – silica – during a... […]
  • Small Samples for Big Understanding
    Our Human Remains Conservator, Cat Irving, tells us more about genomic sampling and how our historic collection can still help scientists today. The conservation lab at Surgeons’ Hall is where I look after the human remains in our care. In the last few years new technologies have allowed us to do something more in there:... […]