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  • A Quest for Healing: Contemporary Art by Zhang Yanzi
    In April, Surgeons’ Hall Museums opened its newest temporary exhibition ‘A Quest for Healing.’ Created by award-winning Chinese artist Zhang Yanzi, this contemporary art exhibition is the first of its kind to be shown at the museums.   Zhang Yanzi completed a residency in Edinburgh during 2017, where she became inspired by Surgeons’ Hall Museums,... […]
  • Pathology Spotlight: Gas Gangrene and Trench Warfare
    This specimen comes from a soldier who was injured by a gunshot wound to the left knee in France during August 1917. Much of the trench warfare in France and Flanders during the first world war took place in what had been cultivated fields that would be fertilised with horse manure, meaning that soil would... […]
  • Pathology Spotlight: A Holey Kidney
    The figure shows the cut surface of a kidney revealing dozens of cysts, like bubbles, visible at the cut surface. Polycystic kidney disease (PCKD) is a genetic disorder characterized by the development of numerous cysts of varying size, averaging about 1,000 per kidney. PCKD cysts, which are filled with urine, can enlarge the kidneys, obliterating... […]

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  • Happy birthday, Cicely: welcome to your archive!
    To mark what would have been Cicely Saunders’ 98th birthday, I’m pleased to announce that the archives of this inspirational …Continue reading →
  • Palliative Care Records Workshop
    On 15th December 2015, King’s College London Archives hosted a workshop on palliative care records to mark the completion of …Continue reading →
  • Christmas at St Christopher’s
    Christmas at St Christopher’s Hospice was a special and poignant time of year for patients, their families and staff at …Continue reading →

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  • “Sleep” by Bryan Charnley
    Celebrate World Sleep Day with Brian Charnley’s ‘Sleep’…..
  • “Sketch of an Idea for Crazy Jane” by Richard Dadd
    Guest blogger Olivia Bladen turns the spotlight onto Sketch of an Idea for Crazy Jane, one of the lesser known works of the Victorian fairy painter and Bethlem patient Richard Dadd. 
  • Objects of Obsession
    Royal Academician Cornelia Parker reflects on the Bethlem Museum of the Mind artwork that has inspired her as part of a new digital series in partnership with the Royal Academy and The Space

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  • Wikipedia project: month 1
    For three months there will be a new addition to the University of Stirling Archives, a Wikipedian-In-Residence. The first month has flown in already, but articles on Wikipedia have already benefitted from a little dose of information from the archives. It has been an interesting project to undertake due to the range of collections that […]
  • Archivist, temporary contract (8 weeks)
    Information Services Library and Archives Research Support Archivist Grade 6, Point 24 Temporary Appointment for 8 weeks 4 June – 27 July 2018 An opportunity has arisen at the University Of Stirling Archives for a recently qualified archivist to work on a short-term project preparing a number of personal paper collections for a larger project […]
  • University’s James Hogg Collection in STV programme
    The University Library’s James Hogg collection recently featured in an episode of ‘The People’s History Show’ on STV. The piece was filmed in the University Archive and features Duncan Hotchkiss, Literature and Languages, talking about James Hogg. The show was broadcast on 30th April at 8pm and for the next month or so you can […]

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  • Inviting proposals from experienced Digital Records Management Consultants
    We are looking to work with a Digital Records Management Consultant to advise and consult on the next state of our internal archive project. The archive of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations (TIHR) provides a comprehensive record of the formation, establishment and development of the Institute over a period of 70 years. From the records […]
  • Conference: exploring the Tavistock and Portman archives
    Conference overview Discover the unique role played by the Tavistock and Portman in the advance of psychotherapy and developmental theory through patient files and clinic records dating back nearly a century. This unique project undertaken by London Metropolitan Archives and funded by the Wellcome Trust – maybe one of the deepest dives into a medical institution’s records – reveals […]
  • The Arch is Live
    Juliet Scott, Festival Director, Lead Curator of the TIHR archiving work and now Tavistockian announces the launch of the Festival ArchLive with a personal account of her own memories and experiences of the festival... The post The Arch is Live appeared first on TIHR Archive Project.

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  • Goodbye from Wellcome Library blog
    It’s goodbye from the Wellcome Library blog. The blog is closing and will no longer be updated. Thank you to those that have read the blog, shared it and posted comments. I hope all our readers have enjoyed being able… Continue reading
  • Close encounters: a manuscripts workshop
    A free manuscripts workshop for PhD students at Wellcome Collection, 01 June 2018 Engaging with an artefact from the past is often a powerful experience, eliciting emotional and sensory, as well as analytical, responses. Researchers in the library at Wellcome… Continue reading
  • Arabo-Persian physiological theories in late Imperial China
    The last seminar in the 2017–18 History of Pre-Modern Medicine seminar series takes place on Tuesday 27 February. Speaker: Dr Dror Weil (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) Bodies translated: the circulation of Arabo-Persian physiological theories in late… Continue reading