List of societies and groups

Groups / societies relating to health archives and records

International Network for the History of Hospitals.

European Association for the History of Medicine and Health. A membership body for those working in the history of medicine or a related field. It aims to provide a forum for researchers and historians, to promote and foster research, teaching and scientific co-operation and to advance the education of the public.

London Museums of Health and Medicine Group. The Group is a membership body consisting of registered museums, or those working towards registered status, in this field in London. The website provides summary links about each of its member museums, links to websites and news and other information.

Society for the Social History of Medicine. The Society is a membership body, UK based but with an international membership, for those interested in the history of health, welfare, medical science and practice. Its activities include publishing a journal and organising conferences.

Health Libraries Group. A special interest group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, HLG members work in medical, health, nursing and other allied professions. Their website includes news, information about publications, training and events and links.


Associated archive and record professional organisations

Archives Records Association Specialist Repositories Group. A membership body provides a forum for those employed outside local record offices and maintains a core interest in higher education. HARG is an affiliated group of the ARA.

British Records Association. A charity which aims to promote the preservation, understanding, accessibility and study of our recorded heritage for the public benefit. It is open to anyone interested in records and archives whether local historians, academics, professional archivists, or custodians and owners of collections, or simply those who are curious about the record of our past.

British Society for the History of Medicine. An umbrella organisation bringing together medical history societies and organisations from across the UK, some with a regional and others with a specialist interest.

City Archivists Group. A membership group for Archivists working in the City of London, co-ordinating various events throughout the year giving members a chance to see other Archives in the City, to discuss professional issues and to socialise.

Community Archives and Heritage Group. The Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG) is a national group which aims to support and promote community archives in the UK & Ireland. We bring together bodies and organisations concerned with community archives, and provide a forum for the regular exchange of views and information.

Historical Houses Archivists Group. The group was formed by archivists responsible for looking after the historical records of private historic family homes. The group exists to encourage the best possible care, preservation and administration of privately owned family and estate archives, and to provide opportunities for those responsible for the care of such archives to meet to discuss matters of common interest and concern.

Oral History Society. Oral History Society has played a leading role in the development of oral history, both in Britain and internationally. It is dedicated to the collection and preservation of oral history, and to making this accessible to everyone.

Religious Archives Group. The Religious Archives Group (RAG) is a voluntary association for anybody interested in the collection, preservation and use of religious archives, and personal papers of religious leaders, in the UK. This includes archives created and used by private organisations and individuals and those in public repositories.

Scientific Archivist Group. The Scientific Archivists Group (SAG) is a non-profit organisation aiming to exchange knowledge relating primarily to archives with scientific application but applicable to all archivists and record managers from other disciplines.

Voluntary Sector Archives. This website began as the main point of contact for the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives. The project raises awareness of the importance of voluntary sector archives as strategic assets for governance, corporate identity, accountability and research. The project aims to support voluntary sector archives in the preservation and digitisation of their archives and to promote archives as part of the voluntary sector’s wider public benefit responsibility.