The group convened two meetings in 2006 which were both held in London. The first meeting was held at St Bartholomew’s Hospital on 26 May 2006. Minutes for the AGM, Committee and General meetings can be viewed here:

HARG Committee Minutes_26_May_2006

HARG AGM Minutes_26_May_2006

HARG General Minutes_26_may_2006


The next meeting was held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on 26 September 2006. The general and committee meetings are available here:

HARG Committee Minutes_26_Sept_2006

HARG General Minutes_26_sept_2006


The group also conducted two teleconference committee meetings in June and November, the minutes of the these meetings can be found here:

HARG Teleconference Minutes_15_June_2006

HARG Teleconference Minutes_21_Nov_2006