In 2008, there were three group meetings in London, Reading and York. The first meeting of the year was held at Royal College of Physicians in London, 14 January 2014. The agenda and minutes from the general meeting and minutes from committee meeting can be viewed here:

HARG General Meeting Minutes_14_January_2008

HARG Committee Meeting Minutes_14_January_2008

HARG Agenda General Meeting_14_Jan_2008


The Health Archives and Records Group AGM that year was held in the Berkshire Records Office in Reading on 12 May 2008. The meeting agenda and minutes can be viewed here:

HARG Agenda General Meeting_12 May 2008

HARG General Meeting Minutes_12_May_2008

HARG Committee Meeting Minutes_12_May_2008

HARG AGM Minutes_12_may_2008


The final meeting of year was held at the Borthwick Institute at the University of York on 27 August 2008. The agenda for the general meeting and committee meeting minutes can be viewed below:

HARG Agenda General Meeting_27_august_2008

HARG Committee Meeting Minutes_27-august-2008