HARG Committee

HARG Committee

HARG is a membership organisation which is free to join and has no formal commitment. At present our membership is largely made up of record professionals working within health and higher education sector, but we welcome anyone interested in health records. 

See a list of member institutions, with links to their websites, and other relevant pages.

To become a member of HARG, simply email our Secretary (healtharchivessite@gmail.com) with your name & contact details, specifying if you would like to join HARG as an individual or as a representative of an organisation/institution. 

HARG is steered by a committee comprised of :-


Dr Geoffrey Browell (King's College London)

Geoff is currently Head of Archives at King's College London and is chair of HARG. He has developed numerous public engagement and technology projects over more than 25 years, often drawing on archives of medicine and health, including digitisation initiatives, linked data prototypes, theatre productions and apps. Geoff is Chair of the AIM25 charity, which publishes and makes cross-searchable descriptions from 150 archive institutions in London. He is also the co-founder of Under London, a new arts festival about subterranean London that brings together artists, archivists and engineers to educate, inform and entertain using music and virtual reality to reimagine hidden spaces and tell new stories about the world beneath our feet. His current project is Archives Africa, which is developing a single archive catalogue for Africa, beginning with Madagascar: improved healthcare is one intended outcome.

Vice Chair/Webmaster

Chris Olver (Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability)

Chris has worked on many medical and biomedical collections since he began working in archives in 2008, including several Wellcome Trust funded cataloguing and digitisation positions on diverse subjects such as history of genetics, infectious diseases and history of the hospice movement. He joined the HARG committee in 2015 and developed the new website (www.healtharchives.co.uk) and continues to act as the main administrator of the website. He has recently been appointed the first Archivist of the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, in Putney, London. 

Engagement/Training Officer

Clare Button (University of Edinburgh)

Clare has worked as an archivist since 2009 in local government, private and higher education sectors. She joined the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections in 2011 and worked on a number of projects relating to animal genetics and molecular biology archives. She was Principal Investigator on the digitisation project ‘Science on a Plate: the natural sciences through glass slides, 1870-1930’ (2014), curator of the exhibition ‘Towards Dolly: a century of animal genetics in Edinburgh’ (2015) and recipient of a Wellcome Trust Research Bursary on the history of genetics in Edinburgh (2016). Clare has presented at numerous national and international conferences both in the capacity of archivist and historian of science and is currently the archivist on the Wellcome Trust-funded project 'Body Language: movement, dance and physical education in Scotland, 1890-1990.'

Committee members

Emma Hancox, Archivist, Birmingham Library

Ruth Honeybone, LHSA Manager, Lothian Health Service Archives

The Royal College of Nursing